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Down Payment Grants

Down Payment Grants

birdSEED Foundation’s Housing Justice Fund announces $40,000 in grants to Black and Brown first time home buyers. These “no-strings” awards are given to accelerate the home buying for community members that have been largely excluded from ownership pathways.

Flock DC launched the birdSEED fund in February of 2021 in response to the ubiquitous inequity in ownership and deep interest in working toward an anti-racist future as a family of real estate management companies

“We funded and released birdSEED to advance home ownership for Black and Brown first time home buyers. We hope this work is trend setting and leads to a reparative justice movement in the real estate industry across the country. Anything less is not enough.”

The birdSEED fund is managed through a partnership with the Greater Washington Area Community Foundation.

Community representatives from Washington D.C. selected the four grantees from a pool of 40 applicants

birdSEED will continue grantmaking until the initial investment of $215,000 and additional donations are fully expended. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and are intentionally simplified. A handful of questions, a one page essay and a follow up interview are a few of the requirements. Applications are reviewed by the Advisory Board and selected based on greatest impact, since qualifying for home ownership should be a basic human right.



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March 26, 2021

Press Release

Nation’s First Private Reparative Justice Fund Awards Inaugural Down Payment Grants

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Flock DC is a real estate management company serving the District proper.

We knew from the start that to take flight, we all need fuel. This core value is at the heart of Flock’s birdSEED philanthropic giving initiative.

Good citizenship and bold contributions to community are part of our wingprint. Our giving began 12 years ago with our time. Indeed, it was all we had to spare. We helped build playgrounds, plant gardens, serve meals and sort clothing. We have (and still) wander the streets with trash bags and lend our spaces to those who have needed to gather, plot and plan for a better world.

These are the seeds we’re planting today as part of a reparative move toward a more just future.

We hope you join us. We have a lot of work to do.

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