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Greg Reaves
Founder and co-owner of Mosaic Development

Greg spent more than 30 years working at all levels in corporate and private industries. He graduated from Howard University, Washington, DC, with a BS in Chemical Engineering. He began his career with McNeil Consumer Products Company. Greg then joined Merck and Co. Inc., where he received eight promotions and held eleven different positions during his tenure with the company. Greg left Merck and started a consulting company, where he assisted pharmaceutical and real estate companies with marketing and crisis communications. After learning more about the real estate industry, he joined a mid-size real estate development company, where he became a member of the executive team. Greg established his Mosaic Development Partners in 2008, and together with his partner Leslie Smallwood-Lewis, they have completed projects in Philadelphia totaling more than $150 million in investment and have an additional $2.7B in projects in its pipeline.


Flock DC is a real estate management company serving the District proper.

We knew from the start that to take flight, we all need fuel. This core value is at the heart of Flock’s birdSEED philanthropic giving initiative.

Good citizenship and bold contributions to community are part of our wingprint. Our giving began 12 years ago with our time. Indeed, it was all we had to spare. We helped build playgrounds, plant gardens, serve meals and sort clothing. We have (and still) wander the streets with trash bags and lend our spaces to those who have needed to gather, plot and plan for a better world.

These are the seeds we’re planting today as part of a reparative move toward a more just future.

We hope you join us. We have a lot of work to do.

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