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Dr. Julie Lopez
Founder of Viva Partnership

Dr. Julie Lopez is a speaker, master clinician, and the Founder of Viva Partnership, a mental health organization dedicated to sparking a mental health revolution.

Her personal mission? To help build stronger leaders and organizations by empowering them with mental health truths that help them reach greater levels of performance excellence. When leaders understand and implement the power of mental health in their companies, everyone thrives. Making the invisible visible is part of that mission. Her core message—that you can thrive in business, love, and life—has moved her audiences to realize their ultimate potential and move aside the roadblocks that obstruct their greatest level of performance. By leveraging brain science, Dr. Julie loves to illuminate hidden pathways to increased excellence, empowering her audiences talk by talk.

As a human systems expert with a niche in performance enhancement, Dr. Julie works with individuals, teams, and organizations to feel empowered within their professional, personal, and relational realms. Due to her thorough understanding of how the body adapts and survives the stumbling blocks of life, Dr. Julie speaks and works with individuals and teams in a way that’s both effective and relatable.

Her clinical specialty is working with implicit memory (hidden, cellular memories) by utilizing advanced brain based therapies, including EMDR, Brainspotting, and Neurofeedback. After beginning her career as a systems engineer, she quickly gained an interest in viewing the human body as a system – specifically how humans store and deal with trauma in the body and the compulsions often developed to cope and adapt to trauma.

Dr Lopez is thrilled to be on the birdSEED advisory board as the mission is near and dear to her heart. Her father faced overt discrimination and racism when he tried to buy his first home in a strong school district of the DMV. He was asked to change his last name to make his offer “stronger”. Having pulled himself up by his bootstraps from abject poverty, a program like birdSEED could have made all the difference. He did not change his last name btw. 

Over the years, Dr. Julie has been cited as a trauma and addictions expert and has been featured on Associated Press, Fox News, Telemundo and a host of other print and broadcast publications. Additionally, she served as adjunct faculty for The Catholic University of America’s graduate social work program for nearly a decade. She currently resides in the District of Columbia with her husband, four children, and two dogs; Santa and Bailey.


Our housing justice program offers down payment grants to qualifying BIPOC first time home buying residents in the DC and Philadelphia areas. Awards range from $5,000 to $15,000 and grants are made multiple times per year until funds are expended.

The application/review process is straight forward and uncomplicated.

Our Board of Advisors reviews applications, interviews finalists and identifies grantees. This is a partnership with the Greater Washington Community Foundation who supports the administrative complexity so we can very simply help people buy homes. *

Applicants must identify as one of the following: American Indian, Indigenous, Alaska Native, Asian, Pacific Islander, Black, African American, Hispanic or Latinix birdSEED has made 29 provisional grants to date. The total grant pool available was $215,000. Additional funds have been raised from supportive community members who shared our vision of simple, no strings financial down payment grants that accelerate the home buying process. If you are positioned to give, please do. Needs are great, resources are limited and your help is essential.

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